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Rundown of the new Yamaha MT 09

The new Yamaha MT 09 premium model features a host of upgrades, including a range of colours, adjustable suspension with Öhlins rear shock absorber, double-stitched seat for the ultimate fit – brushed anodised swingarm, anodised black handlebars and levers and clear-smoked brake reservoirs.

MT-09SP the most extreme Hyper Naked Sharper, smarter, more unique with its all-new engine and chassis, and extreme new coverless body style that exposes its brutal and muscular excellent appearances, the just recently launched 2021 MT-09 is the purest and most exciting Hyper Naked to date. For riders who require the greatest spec, Yamaha produced the MT-09SP. This premium model includes a host of upgrades, including an aggressive supersport-influenced surface and completely adjustable suspension with an Öhlins rear shock absorber. The 2021 MT-09SP, certainly takes it up a notch.

Yamaha MT 09 Committed SP colours and graphics
The MT-09SP’s special new YZF-R1M-influenced Icon Performance palette includes a blue/black multi-tone paint colour scheme on the fuel tank and air ducts to give a much more aggressive aim to this top-of-the-range Hyper Naked. The premium surface is improved with seamless water-transfer graphics, and the supersport-style colours strengthen the bike’s pure sports character and highlight the close links with the R1M.

Premium KYB front suspension package
Including 41mm tubes with a DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon Coating) that guarantees ultra-smooth and responsive suspension action, the premium specification KYB front forks function adjustability for preload, rebound, and compression damping– making it possible for the SP rider to achieve the ultimate set-up to fit different riding scenarios. These advanced front forks are likewise geared up with low and high-speed compression damping adjusters for accurate tuning of the suspension.

Öhlins rear shock absorber
To match the top-quality front suspension, the rear suspension system features a premium requirement Öhlins rear shock absorber, using the rider adjustability for compression and rebound damping. Geared up with a remote preload adjuster that makes it possible for quick and easy setting– this SP-exclusive rear suspension brings supersport managing precision to the Hyper Naked class.

Cruise control
In addition to the thorough electronic rider help included on the basic 2021 Yamaha MT 09, the premium MT-09SP is also geared up with a cruise control system that enhances the total riding experience. For a more relaxing cruise on the highway, SP riders can activate cruise control at speeds of 50km/h or above, and in 4th gear or greater. Once you have set the speed, it can be increased in 2km/h increments by single presses of the switch, or gradually increased by holding down the exact same switch. The system deactivates whenever the brakes, clutch, or throttle are used.

Double-stitched seat
The Yamaha MT 09 special double-stitched seat with its contrasting stitching has been established to offer the rider a unique feeling of comfort when aboard this premium Hyper Naked. The shape of the seat and fuel tank– in addition to the total ergonomics– have been established through Kanno Hyoka– that is to state, examining bike efficiency based upon test rider perceptions and feedback.

Anodised brushed aluminium swingarm
Another function that is unique to the MT-09SP is the beautifully finished swingarm that features a special buffed with clear coat surface that perfectly matches the brand-new Crystal Graphite frame.
Together with other distinct information– such as the yellow spring on the Öhlins rear shock absorber, and black drive sprocket– the Yamaha MT 09 swingarm strengthens the premium feel and pure sporty looks of this class-leading design.

SP-specific chassis components
SP-specific functions such as the anodised black handlebars and levers, in addition to clear-smoked front and rear brake fluid reservoirs, confirm the MT-09SP’s position as the most special Hyper Naked in the class.

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Rundown of the new Yamaha MT 09 4

MT-09SP new features
New larger-capacity 889cc EU5 engine
All-new die-cast aluminium Deltabox chassis
Six-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU).
Lean-sensitive rider help: TCS, SCS and LIFt with three intervention modes ABS and Brake Control system (BC).
D-MODE switchable engine running modes.
Quick Shift System (QSS).
Full-colour 3.5-inch TFT instruments.
Compact, bi-functional LED headlight.
Lightweight SpinForged wheels.
Next-generation style and styling.
Shorter wheelbase for more dynamic handling.
Radial front master cylinder.
298mm dual front discs.
Refined A&S clutch.

MT-09 – New colours for 2021.
Reflecting the colour choices of the just recently launched all-new MT-09 and updated MT-07 designs, the extremely popular entry-level MT-09 will be offered in three colour schemes: Storm Fluo, Icon Blue, and Tech Black. The MT-09 includes the attractive central LED headlight and dual-eye position lights, a styling hint embraced by the new MT-07 and Yamaha MT 09 models. Other premium features include a modern control panel with an LCD show and sports bike-style inverted forks.

Power, torque, and agility; The MT-09 has them all in spades. Severe power with corner-carving precision, and natural ergonomics. Powered by the YZF-R1 derived 998cc CP4 cross-plane engine tuned for low-end grunt, and rolling on a short wheelbase, the MT-10 delivers pure riding excitement every time the throttle is twisted.

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