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Understanding Different Types of Engine Oils

Have you ever wondered what engine oil is best for your motorcycle? There are many different engine oils to choose from, and each one has its benefits. In this article, we will discuss the differences between engine oils so that you can find the perfect engine oil for your motorcycle!

While most aspects of motorcycle maintenance are better left to the experts, other small tasks can be pretty easy to do yourself. You will need to leave the more complex jobs to Trooper Lu’s Garage, but there’s no need to be an expert mechanic for basic maintenance procedures.

Over time your motorcycle’s engine oil will begin to deteriorate. You will need to check regularly if it’s time to change your oil. If you don’t check your oil regularly and fail to change it when required, some severe and possibly expensive damage might happen. So it’s crucial to be aware of when your oil needs changing. Changing your motorcycle oil is one of the first things that every motorcycle owner should be able to accomplish with little effort, but you might not know which oil is the best suited to your motorcycle. So let’s take a look at what engine oil is and the different types.

What is engine oil?

Oil is essential to run any type of engine. It keeps everything spinning smoothly. It also cools the transmission and pistons. It helps the piston rings seal combustion pressure in the head and even neutralises chemicals that are created. When a motorcycle runs out of oil, the engine will begin to overheat and potentially ruin the engine altogether. The pistons are likely to seize within the cylinder walls because oil is both a lubricant and a cooling agent. There are lots of oils to chose from, so we will explain the different types so you can decide which one best suits your motorcycle.

What Is The Difference Between Oils?

Mineral, Full-Synthetic, Semi-Synthetic, and High KM are the four major types of oil.

  • Mineral Oil. Mineral oil is an entirely natural oil that, because it is one of the least refined oils on our list, it may be one of the most inexpensive motor oils available. Some consumers are attracted to the low price of mineral oil when they change their oil, but it is not the best choice in the long run because you can expect to change your oil more frequently with mineral oil.
    We recommend Motul 5100 10W40
  • Full-Synthetic Oil. Synthetic oil is a fully manufactured oil that provides considerably better engine protection than mineral oil. Synthetic oils are created mainly to provide your engine with the ideal protection while still allowing it to function at its peak. A full-synthetic oil has a slew of engine additives (such as anti-wear or an oil stabiliser) to guarantee that the oil does not harm your engine’s performance and that it does not degrade as quickly.
    We recommend Motul 7100 10W50 100% Ester Synthetic Oil
  • Semi-Synthetic Oil. Semi-synthetic oil is a combination of full-synthetic oil and natural mineral oil. Since this blend of oil is made of both mineral and synthetic components, it’s more cost-effective than full-synthetic oil, and yet you will still get many of the advantages that you would from using full-synthetic oil. Semi-synthetic oil, like full-synthetic oil, has an excellent tolerance to breakdown at higher temperatures.We recommend Motul 300v Factory Line Road Racing 5W30
  • High KM Oil. A high-km oil is a type of oil designed especially for vehicles that have travelled more than 100,000 kilometres. High KM oils are blended with stronger engine additives, just as full-synthetic oils are, to minimise engine sludge and wear. If you want to use high-km oil, keep in mind that it is usually thicker than other engine oils. This might make you think the oil needs to be changed sooner than it really does.

What oil should I choose for my motorcycle?

There are many engine oils out there, and it can be challenging to know which one is best for you. There are many things to consider when selecting an oil for your motorcycle, including:

  • Which motorcycle you drive
  • The type of engine
  • How often you use your motorcycle and how many km’s it has travelled.
    No oil brand is better than another, but there is no doubt that certain brands are superior to others. There are many variables to consider when comparing motorcycle oils, and cheap oils may not perform as well as more expensive auto oils.

How often should I change my oil?

Changing the engine oil is essential because it helps keep all moving parts from wearing down too quickly. Changing the oil at regular intervals can extend the lifespan of the engine. As engine oil comes into contact with engine metal, it absorbs contaminants. The quality of engine oil decreases when this happens, which is why you should change the oil often to keep your motorcycle running smoothly for as long as possible.

Many factors determine how regularly you need to have your engine oils changed, including your driving habits, the weather, temperature and severity of conditions where you live. The condition of the engine itself and the time since you last changed the engine oil.

Trooper Lu’s Garage recommend the following products to maintain your motorcycle for peak performance!

Motul 7100 10W50 – 4 Litre

Motul 300V Factory Line Road Racing 5W30 – 4 Litre

Motul 5100 10W40 – 4 Litre

At Trooper Lu’s Garage, we stock a wide range of fantastic products for the specific requirements of your motorcycle. From engine lubricants to Cooling fluids, Brake fluids, transmission fluids, fork and suspension oils and Chain cleaners. We offer you a comprehensive product range to protect and take care of your 2-Stroke or 4-Stroke motorcycle.

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