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Pros And Cons To Owning A Pre-Owned Motorbike Over A New One

You may be wondering if you can purchase a pre-owned motorbike while having the reliability of a new one, maybe you are looking for a bike but don’t want a larger price tag. In this blog, we will go through the pros and cons of buying a pre-owned motorbike over a new one.


Most of the time, price is one of the main reasons why people choose to buy a bike pre-owned. It is understandable that a pre-owned bike could be much cheaper but it’s best to do some searching if this is the case. Although you are saving money on the initial purchase price, you may be stung with hefty mechanic fees if there are any issues with it. It is best to ask questions about the motorbike to find out if you will need to put extra money into it once it’s purchased. If you are looking to get pre-owned due to price, it is best to choose a bike that is only a few years old. This will ensure that parts should still be easily accessible, there are less km’s and most of the time, bikes that are a few years old still run like new!

Not The First To Ride

When purchasing a bike second-hand, you know you aren’t the first to ride it. That means you may be unsure how the bike has been taken care of by the previous owner and if it’s been taken care of properly. It will also mean that things like the wheels and brakes will not be new and may have some wear and tear. This may be okay but it is always best to get it checked out by the mechanics after you purchase just to be sure it is safe to ride before heading onto the roads.

No Warranty

Usually with pre-owned bikes it has no warranty on it so if something happens it won’t be covered. This can be okay for some people but a deal breaker for others! Having a warranty on the bike could mean that if an inconvenience occurs it can be taken care of quickly and efficiently without the big price tag.

Try Before You Buy

Usually when you buy a pre-owned bike, you are able to try before you buy! That means you can see if it’s comfortable for you, if it rides the way you are wanting it to and you can get the feel for the bike before it’s officially yours. A lot of places that sell new bikes do not allow test rides so you don’t get to feel the bike before purchasing.

Pre-owned Motorbike Or A New One?

With these points in mind, it is time to check out our range of bikes to see which one suits you! Purchasing a pre-owned bike from a dealership gives you peace of mind knowing that it has been thoroughly looked over for issues and you know what you get! At Trooper Lu, we have a range of both new and pre-owned bikes to suit everyone’s needs. Check out our Facebook page here for updates or view our website to see all our bikes in stock! We look forward to seeing you soon.

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